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What’s the return on investment with your website? Whether you are a startup or an established organization, the sky is the limit.  We are committed to defining and executing on the following questions:

  • What does your investment in an enhanced web presence actually mean?
  • How does what you spend and what you make compare?
  • How much time and money does your current website save your organization?
  • What systems and processes can be streamlined and accessed online?
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We are Web Strategy & Development Experts who help service based businesses (chiropractors, physical therapist, massage therapists, etc.) create and implement a website strategy that will save you time and help you make more money.

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Client Service

 Our team utilizes a number of key strategies in order to create an inspiring and effective website.

Web Strategy Consulting

Visual & Creative Design

Website Development

eCommerce and Site Monetization

Inside LaunchGo

Founded in 2013 and based out of Rochester, NY, our mission is to serve small and medium-sized businesses by enhancing their online presence and impact in the marketplace. Our approach begins with identifying an organization’s needs and pain points, and determining how we can problem solve and create opportunities using their website; providing the best possible resources in the market for the best value.


Often described as “friendly, talented, and eager to help,” we’re always looking for more creative, innovative ways to serve our clients. We are constantly evaluating our own methods to ensure LaunchGo stays lean and agile, allowing us to more quickly and effectively serve you.


LaunchGo Web Partners is an agency specializing in high-end website design, development, consulting, and customization.
 We partner with you to discover your pain points and determine how we can build an online solution to improve those areas of opportunity. We then handcraft an attractive, easy to maintain, and effective website to represent your values and help you reach your goals.


What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with clients who are passionate about using their web presence to help their business goals, but may or may not be sure how to do it. If you want to leverage your website to be more than an online postcard, we may be a great fit! Fill out the New Site Form to get started!
What is your turnaround time?
This largely depends on the project size and scope. However, a platform migration to WordPress can take anywhere from 2–4 weeks, whereas a full project can take from 5-10 weeks or longer. These figures are general estimates; an exact project timeline will be provided to you during our live consultation after you complete the New Site Form.
What platform do we use?
We exclusively use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is known for being a user friendly Content Management System (CMS) that is robust and customizable. Unlike other services, it can be scaled to easily grow with your expanding business, while remaining user friendly. Ultimately, it’s effective at meeting our clients’  needs, which is why we love using it.
I am a Branding Consultant/Artist, can I outsource web development to you?
Yes! In fact these are some of our favorite partnerships! If you are looking for high quality coding and WordPress expertise to implement your branding designs and strategies for a client, then you have come to the right place. Fill out the very quick Partnership Form so we can connect and discuss your projects!
Can you migrate my existing site to WordPress?
Yes! We can move your site from its existing platform and move it WordPress. If your site is simply a css/html setup, we can still do this. Interested? Head over to the Migration to WordPress page, and fill out the quick form so we can get moving!

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